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.:all along the watchtower:.

Lightning War players' and readers' discussion community

27/2/09 14:51 - tiferet - The new wiki is up and running...

but still very much a work in progress. You can get there from the wiki link at the top of the community front page.

25/2/09 10:35 - tiferet - We aten't dead.

In the next few hours, the wiki is going to disappear. Poof! Don't worry--it doesn't mean we're going to disappear!

There is already a new one, but we don't want to link you to it yet because we're cleaning it up (when you import things from one site to another, there are always a few problems with coding). So don't worry. However, we have to kill the old one today or tomorrow because the billing cycle for PBWiki is coming up and I don't want to pay for another month.

PBWiki is enforcing a site "upgrade" which means we will no longer be able to edit the wiki as a wiki but will have to use their Rich Text Editor as of 9th March. Everybody knows how Lightning War as a group feels about Rich Text Editors, right?

Tits against the RTE!!!

Also, the new wiki doesn't cost us anything that we're not already paying, and the old one cost me ten dollars a month.

I know there have been very few posts and we haven't recapped in a while (tonight, probably). But we have been doing other things. Some of us have been writing masters' theses and doing PhD research (not me) and some of us have been doing retcons and backstory work (that would be me) and some of us have been moving the wiki. Things will pick up soon, transitions are always slow times.

24/2/09 20:02 - tiferet - Does somebody out there have a Big Ol' LESBIAN CRUSH on us?

We found like 104 of these things, all set in the 1940s, all in the same RP style that our troll used when she RP'd on GJ, and all of them copying us...

Massive amounts of link sausage.Collapse )


17/2/09 12:16 - puzzlement - Bletchley Park

Since we are by definition WWII geeks of a sort here I thought people might be interested in the petition to save Bletchley Park as a historical site. I am not going to say "go and sign the petition", for starters they want everyone signing to be a British citizen and I haven't done sufficient research into the story to know precisely what's going on.

But look into it if you can and take whatever action you feel is appropriate.

2/2/09 00:20 - tiferet - lightning_war post recap: 27 January - 1 February 2009

Game date and time: Thursday afternoon, 17 September 1942:

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29/1/09 09:44 - tiferet - Music for unkillable blonde bombshells, aspiring and otherwise :)

I will not rip this song for you and put it in a play list, because you should buy it--my friend cadhla wrote it, and it's on her new album Red Roses and Dead Things, which you should go and buy right now.

Not just because she wants the CDs out of her bedroom but also because the album, like everything else Seanan does, is awesome.

However, this song right here, "Protective Coloration"--which I hadn't heard before I got the CD--is a theme song for at least 16 Lightning War characters.

(Actually, the cut tag to the latest Liane & Michel post is from one of Seanan's songs, which is really funny, because that was a song about HER game, Martin's Passage. And that song was on Stars Fall Home which you should also totally buy.)

26/1/09 23:52 - tiferet - lightning_war post recap: 30 December 2008-26 January 2009

Game date and time: Thursday morning and early afternoon, 17 September 1942:

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8/1/09 00:43 - tiferet - FYI and a word to the wise...

There has been, of late, a certain amount of anxiety about LJ's status given that they basically just sacked half their staff. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind one and all that we don't currently do much with the mirror comm on IJ, but:

This community, including comments made on its entries, is backed up locally by LW maintainers. As are all LW-related communities. If LJ disappears in a flaming pile of wank, DMCA notices, or is simply bahleeted wholesale by SUP, it will be archived elsewhere for historical interest, never for profit, and credit will be given in the form of your LJ name. (Content of and comments on locked posts will never be made accessible to the general public; if we told you only we will read it, then only we will read it.) We run backups on a regular basis. If you have any issues with this policy, let us know. You can, of course, delete comments, and then they will no longer be backed up or republished.

29/12/08 23:05 - tiferet - lightning_war post recap: 14-24 December 2008

Game date and time: Thursday morning and early afternoon, 17 September 1942:

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29/12/08 02:21 - tiferet - Eighth LW Chanukah Candle, 5769: November 1939

...when I bought him they said, ‘are you sure? no refunds, returns or exchanges because once he's yours, he's yours for good’ --now you behave like an angel should...

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