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.:all along the watchtower:.

We aten't dead...

7/2/10 03:07 - tiferet - We aten't dead...

Really, we're not, though it may seem like we have been.

This is what's been going on:

* I've had an attack of Real Life. In May, Emma had to step down as mod and I had to figure out how to replace her; in June I got involved with the protests against the hijacked elections in Iran; in August I got really burnt out from that and some other stuff and started blowing off steam on Poupee a lot; in October, my father died, and I had to go back to West Virginia and settle stuff out through the first part of November; in November and December, a bunch of other people at my job had family emergencies and in December I was basically the only admin in my office at all. To the point where I was going in sick because there was nobody to cover for me. I'm starting to get caught up at work and in life again now. However, in January, puzzlement had a baby (yay!!!) and I got two new cats (also yay!!!).

* Between May and now, we've been working on revising old posts and the wiki. We are slowly but steadily working toward creating a consistent continuity that we will feel good enough about to be able to recruit people again.

These are our plans for the future:

* We have two communities on IJ, the one we are currently using and another one I created as a backup. In the one we are currently using we will finish out the day that's currently happening and maybe a few things after. When we resume play, however, whether or not we are done with that, we will be using the second community, so that we can continue to work in the old one as an archive. The new community will be the next plot arc starting in December of 1942. It will be at least a month before we start.

* Most importantly, we are moving everything but the character journals and in-character community to Dreamwidth. LJ continues to fail massively in many ways. We want to support Dreamwidth. We would move the characters to Dreamwidth if they did not have incompatible journal ownership policies (the mods need to own character journals, not players who may come and go) and if we were not intending to move to our own server within a year or so.

* This journal/community will remain here, but instead of posting here we will be posting links to Dreamwidth. We would prefer to close commenting here and have you all comment on the DW posts and we probably will do that. We are aware that you need a DW account to join DW communities. I have something like 28 invite codes; just ask me. The same thing will happen with the OOC community and the fiction/fanart community.

Thanks for your support. Again: WE ATEN'T DEAD. We just went wandering.

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