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.:all along the watchtower:.

lightning_war post recap: 12-28 March 2009

29/3/09 01:44 - tiferet - lightning_war post recap: 12-28 March 2009

Game date and time: Thursday afternoon and evening, 17 September 1942:


* Things are going very slowly right now because we have not only had to reboot to Lightning War 3.0, we have also had to move our wiki. The new wiki is found at http://wiki.lightningwar.org and is much more powerful than the old one. Soon it will also be just as pretty, but our first priority is correcting all the out of date, bad and missing information.

* There will shortly be a post to help you keep track of things as the names of characters, places and journals change over the next two months. Very little of the actual plot has changed; it's mostly names and places, although the Leffoy-Malaspina backstory is different. Erasing all the serial numbers will be a lengthy process--but when we are done, Lightning War will finally be free of all non-deniable Harry Potter references. (We are not changing common English names that Rowling just happened to use.)

* Reminder: we back up posts to this community and comments made on those posts. Please be aware that if LiveJournal fails permanently, everything will be reposted for the sake of continuity somewhere else, probably IJ. No profit will be made from this.

* Until further notice we are not recruiting new players. It’s not fair to anyone new to expect them to start when we’re in the middle of this.

* Lightning War is hosted on Insane Journal. If you are reading this on Live Journal or through an RSS feed, links will work, but clicking on journal names probably won't--or will take you somewhere irrelevant.

* If you have friended this community but have not joined it, you are not a member. This means you will miss locked posts. You will be unable to vote in polls. Also, your comments on posts will be screened until a maintainer unscreens them, which makes discussions less lively.

* If you post on this comm--retro-caps, crack, polls, whatever--try to remember to cross-post to the LightningWatch comm on IJ. If you forget, we'll link your post in recaps over there, but that will only work if your post is public.

* Azalais' backstory fic for Lightning War, World Well Lost, is also being de-Potterised and is being posted in her fic journal, azalais, under friends lock, because she is still editing it and hasn't made any decisions about the copyleft or eventual pro publication. She will friend back anyone she recognises (well, except the trolls).

Completed/Continuing Open Threads:

Not everyone in Michel Rosenthal's sixth-form arithmancy lecture is paying attention to the maths. (Closed and complete.)

Olivia Goulston is disturbed by her readings and even more disturbed by Professor Stuart's reaction to them. So are Dylan Vieira and Colette Saint-Germain. (Closed and complete.)

Alexiel Penrose badly needs a clue. Endymion Dashwood attempts to give him one, but is interrupted by his little brother. (Closed and complete.)

Joachim Piccard isn't dealing well with the memories of the things he did while he was possessed, now that he no longer is. While he's thinking it over, he meets his new co-worker, Agent Linden Hill. (Closed and complete.)

Dracaena Leffoy tells Nicodemo Malaspina how her talk with Kyteler went and asks him to come home via paired-slate. He agrees, and tells her how his talk with Fortune went. (Closed and complete.)

Dracaena Leffoy is having an agony of guilt about her inability to do justice to all her duties as sacred queen, diplomat, administrator and mother. Nicodemo Malaspina comes home and comforts her. (Closed and complete.)

Keresek is upset because his visions seem to contradict each other; his mother Steren helps him sort it out. (Closed and complete.)

Halász Sándor notices that his sister Sharolt's taken a sudden turn for the worse--in a way which implies that there is probably something coming for her. (Closed and complete.)

New Posts:

Endymion Dashwood finds stupidity much more depressing now that he can read it right out of people's minds, especially when they're normally intelligent. But he doesn't care about them at all. Just ask him.

Ianthe Pritchard has plans, even if they're all contingent upon surviving the night. Lots of them.

Gareth Rosier wonders why showing up late to work and seducing test subjects has never won him a promotion when it's worked so well for Viresh Ayyar.

Edward Kyteler dispatches Dominic Prewett to keep an eye on Joachim Piccard.

Eudokia Tzitzinia and Rainer Pfeifenberger get themselves, the Halászes, Tesla and Jael Moody the hell out of Helvetia.

Viresh Ayyar and Joachim Piccard spend some quality time in Viresh's new office. (EXPLICIT.)

Will Goyle demands an explanation for...this situation. But he doesn't much like the one Michel Rosenthal and Juliana Leffoy have to provide.

Polly Gardiner informs the prefects and the junior inquisitors of the plans for evacuating the Royal Academy.

Professor Mathers lets Inquisitor Goyle, Magistra Chattox, Amalthea Flint and Tom Forrester know that they shouldn't be worried about Diotima Starn and Kathleen Loveday.

Kathleen Loveday and Diotima Starn find themselves the prisoners of Professors Stuart and Mathers in the Observatory Tower.

Arianwen Rosier has decided that she doesn't care any more if she makes an enemy of Leah Lindsey. When Yvon Leffoy, Corinne Allison and Alessio Malaspina show up, she greets Yvon with enthusiasm. Leah Lindsey decides not to put up a fight when Yvon tells her he plans to take over and tells him that she's perfectly willing to let him and Arianwen live with the results of whatever they do. (Closed and complete.)

Lucy Dolloway pauses in the middle of packing up to indulge herself in a bit of schadenfreude. And enchant her diary to go up in flames if she isn't there to collect it by noon the next day.

Dracaena Leffoy sends word back to the Pennchough that she is his ally, and considers the sad possibility that someone she cares for is going to betray her family.

Emily Chattox recruits the Ziteks to help protect the Academy. The Ziteks ask that Jenica Popescu, Endymion Dashwood, and anyone they think has learned enough to be useful on a hunt be allowed to join their team for the evening.

Jezebel Walsingham would also like to recruit or at least to question Endymion--but he makes his distrust for her clear, and then he's saved by a bell named Jenica.

Juliana Leffoy and Michel Rosenthal help Joachim Piccard and Eliot Gardiner troubleshoot their lightning rain stopper. Joachim knows who they are and that they worked together before, and says things that upset Michel and annoy Liane--but not as much as Goyle's insistence that she stay out of danger because she's a queen of the Gentry.

Addie Kyteler gets drafted to finish the work Michel and Liane have started so they can work on something else.

Callista Lovelace writes a letter to her uncle Howard that she won't get to send; she and her brother, and their cousins Martial and Mercuria, discuss Michel Rosenthal's sixth-form seminar, and note the absence of Kathleen Loveday from the Great Hall. (In progress.)

Howard Lovelace is irritated that Lavinia Scalara sent for his notes and not for him, because it's now too late for him to get down to the Academy; he also wishes they could recruit Séverine Leffoy to work on this problem.

Dory Vincenti is very worried, especially about the brother she no longer has, because she doesn't trust the gods to take care of him.

Cassilda Campion doesn't feel like asking the gods for anything.

Theo Abbott finds this situation depressingly familiar. Fiammetta Kyteler is wondering what will become of her mundane-born friends when the school is closed. They, also, have noticed that Kathleen Loveday is nowhere about. (In progress.)

New Journals:

None this time.

Here's the list of who's where on Insane Journal.

Renamed Journals:

None this time.

New Graphics:

Please note that while all graphics that might appear on a friends page or profile page are free of explicitly sexual nudity, not all graphics, particularly icons intended for use in comment threads, are work-safe in all workplaces.

Ekaterina Rasputina has a new banner.

Lucy Dolloway has a new PB, Melanie Lynskey. (Please note that there are no plans to ship her with Dracaena or with any of Dracaena's close relations.)

Douglas Marvell has a new PB, Philip Wiegratz.

Jack Oldman has a new PB, Ridge Canipe.

Minerva MacAlister has a new PB, Jessica Paré.

Kafziel, Dracaena Leffoy, Florian Leffoy, Althea Peverell, Gabrielle Thibault, Cynthia Vieira and James Warrington have new userpics.

There are new icons for Asher Greengrass and the post in the NPC journal.

New NPCs:

None this time.

Under New Management:

There are a lot of characters that are currently open. Check out the Adoptable Characters page for descriptions of the kinds of adoptions that are open and lists of characters available for each. If you are not sure, ask. :) We will be accepting new applications once we are done rebooting.

Fun and Games:

The Lipson-Shiu Corporate Type Test. Lee Ann and I tested some of the characters we play. Dracaena and Juliana got ILIG. Will Goyle and Yvon Leffoy got ILUG (and Yvon was annoyed about it). Florian Leffoy got ILIE, Endymion Dashwood got ICUE, Séverine Leffoy got ILUE, Báthory Zsuzsanna got SLIG and Davy Nutter got SCIE.

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