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.:all along the watchtower:.

Really dudes, it's that hard?

19/3/09 17:03 - tiferet - Really dudes, it's that hard?

Five Three Two One of the chibis haven't been named yet. Are they that hard? At this point I'm opening it up to current players (one of whom still guessed wrong) as long as it is not actually your character or I didn't come out and tell you.

ETA: The new Candybar 5 had a better costume for her, so I have redone the unguessable chibi. See if you can guess her now!

ETA2: She has been guessed.

Hints: Characters who have the same background and are touching each other are connected somehow. If three characters are connected, the one in the middle is close to both of the two on either side. They are dressed (within the limitations of candybar) as much like the characters they represent as possible, and they have been made to look as much like their icons as possible. However, since candybar is majorly racefailish, everyone seems to be white, and I can't fix that without doing a lot of photoshopping. All the unguessed characters ARE white though, so this shouldn't be a problem.

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