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.:all along the watchtower:.

Lightning War candybar doll gallery

8/3/09 21:39 - tiferet - Lightning War candybar doll gallery

Let's play name the chibis! (ETA: keep checking, I make more! Son of ETA: There are now 24. Grandson of ETA: the unguessable one got a better outfit!)

Row 1: Nicodemo Malaspina, Dracaena Leffoy, Ercole Malaspina (named by meganinhiding), Alessio Malaspina, Yvon Leffoy (named by starlady38), and Arianwen Rosier (named by aella_irene)

Row 2: Michel Rosenthal, Juliana Leffoy, Vincent Rosenthal, and Séverine Leffoy (also named by starlady38) and Joachim Piccard and Viresh Ayyar (named by aella_irene)
(Lack of melanin in Sevvie and Viresh is candybar's fault, not mine. I'm going to try to fix it in photoshop eventually. Candybar really needs to get with the idea that people come in multiple colours. I figured this out in kindergarten.)

Row 3: Delilah Ayyar (named by mclittlebitch), James "Jack" Randall (named by starlady38), Nicolas de Marigny (named by puzzlement), Endymion Dashwood (named by azurelunatic over IM), Hadrian Kyteler (named by starlady38), Addie Kyteler (named by mclittlebitch)

Row 4: Stepán Zitek, Zitekné Báthory Zsuzsanna, Vilém Zitek, Jenica Popescu, Nadezhda Kiryakova, Kafziel (named by aella_irene)

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