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lightning_war post recap: 15-27 November 2008

Game date and time: Wednesday evening-Thursday morning, 16-17 September 1942:


* Things are going to be slow for the first couple weeks of December and grind to a temporary halt shortly thereafter. We are rebooting to Lightning War 3.0 and there will shortly be a post up ahead to help you keep the characters straight as the names of characters, places and journals change over the next two months. Erasing all the serial numbers will be a lengthy process--but when we are done, Lightning War will finally be free of all non-deniable Harry Potter references.

* Until further notice we are not recruiting new players. It’s not fair to anyone new to expect them to start when we’re in the middle of this.

* Lightning War is currently hosted on Insane Journal. If you are reading this on Live Journal or through an RSS feed, links will work, but clicking on journal names probably won't--or will take you somewhere irrelevant. A lot of our journals on Insane Journal have names we might have liked to have on Live Journal, but someone else had already snagged them.

* If you have friended this community but have not joined it, you are not a member. This means you will miss locked posts. You will be unable to vote in polls. Also, your comments on posts will be screened until a maintainer unscreens them, which makes discussions less lively.

* If you post on this comm--retro-caps, crack, polls, whatever--try to remember to cross-post to the LightningWatch comm on IJ. I've been forgetting too, but we should be more careful.

* puzzlement's husband is participating in Movember and growing a ridiculous moustache in order to help combat prostate cancer. If you would like to help make his efforts (and her consternation, hee) worthwhile you may donate here. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible if you keep records of that sort of thing.

Completed/Continuing Open Threads:

Callista Lovelace thinks things haven't improved as much as they need to at Hogwarts, despite Goyle's best efforts. Her friends Mercuria, Dio and Jon try to cheer her up a bit. (Closed and complete.)

The Malfoys have returned to Hogwarts. Liane Malfoy and Valeria Zabini are sorted at luncheon, but Moruith myr'Steren is not. Kat and Lucius are reunited. Callista Lovelace breaks down, and her brother Ambrose and cousins Martial and Mercuria take her somewhere else. Colette Saint-Germain is not pleased to see Liane. Ianthe Pritchard and Arianwen Rosier are not pleased with Colette Saint-Germain, or Aurélien Jeannot. Moruith impresses Ianthe. Liane makes her peace with Reynard Saint-Germain; Reynard's girlfriend, Felicity Greengrass, is not happy about it. (Closed and complete.)

Colette Saint-Germain's ugly story about Liane is being repeated. When Benito Quirke overhears it, he is moved to action...but of what sort? (Closed and complete.)

Liane Malfoy, accompanied by Moruith, her cousin Charis, and a few of the fans she doesn't know she has yet, tells Colette Saint-Germain and Aurélien Jeannot off during tea in the Snake Pit. A few people lose points for inappropriate language at House tea. Amalthea Flint decides she's had enough and convenes a meeting of the Slytherin girls' prefects with Liane and Colette. Liane wins. Charis doesn't, entirely. Ianthe Pritchard takes Colette aside to help her get control of herself. Meanwhile, the gossip continues as Patty Rosier and Maeve Pritchard try to make sense of it all. Valeria also tells off Aurélien. Horace Rookwood, Reynard Saint-Germain and Austin Parkinson discuss what should be done about Colette and Aurélien. Dimity introduces Valeria to the boys, and Olive Hornby and Edouard Lestrange introduce themselves to Valeria after Dimity goes off with Horace (presumably to talk about Colette). Valeria comes up with a good lie to explain her engagement to Alessio. Austin Parkinson comes to a few unpleasant realisations. Arianwen chats with everyone, and then Valeria takes an interest in Tom Riddle. Lucius Malfoy does not understand why this bothers him.(Closed and complete.)

New Posts:

Claudien de Kernoël decides that if his cousin Juliana Malfoy can face the censure and gossip of the Hogwarts student body, he can do likewise.

Cassandra Vablatsky cancels NEWT Astronomy.

Patricia Rosier thinks Vablatsky was behaving very oddly in Astronomy III before she cancelled the NEWT class. Also, she has a crush on Mal McGonagall, but she is afraid to tell her best friend Maeve Pritchard, and she’s not sure why.

Gabriel de Valois is glad that the ferry is moving again, but he thinks they’re somewhere they shouldn’t even be able to go in their physical bodies--and that the feather Séverine Malfoy is holding is protecting them somehow.

An angel doubts; his faith in his Lord is unshaken, but his faith in the humans he knows is more problematic.

Nicodemo Zabini and Dracaena Malfoy discuss the possible betrothal of Lucius and the nearly certain marriage of Liane.

If Ileana Popescu ever gets out of this mess alive, her daughter Jenica has some explaining to do.

Surya Patil insists that her cousins Rajinder and Anjali come to stay with her and her stepmother over the holidays.

Liane Malfoy tries to make friends with some of Michel Rosenthal’s friends, Charis Malfoy tries to get some time alone with Minerva McGonagall, and Tom Riddle and Valeria Zabini sneak off to have sex. They are all interrupted by an unexpected drill.

Alastor Moody is glad to be reunited with Dylan Mulciber.

Moruith myr’Steren is disillusioned with the world outside Faerie, which is not as much fun as she thought it was going to be.

Hector Smith finds the inability of the school healer to determine what’s causing the headaches and strange compulsions some people felt during the drill very unsettling, especially given recent circumstances.

Arianwen Rosier isn’t happy about the healers’ inability to diagnose this problem, either--or with the ability of her classmates to follow an orderly plan for evacuation.

Estrid Farryll is frustrated with the lack of respect the youngest princes and princesses have to put up with, and she doesn’t know how she’ll survive what’s to come.

The Pennchough is awake and sees the storms on the horizon.

Ianthe Pritchard is amused by her brother’s latest conquest, amused by Tom Riddle, and not at all amused by Aurélien Jeannot.

Rachel Zeller is up early to get her thoughts together before the morning drills. She’s worried about her fiancé and her friends, and she thinks Annie Lovegood’s a terrible prefect.

Alden Goldstein wishes he could sleep. (Or not, if he could get Rachel into his bed.)

Laurie Foggington has had a rough few days.

Cynthia Mulciber fears she has lost control of things.

Hubert Crockford is worried that Dory (who was formerly his sister after all) didn’t come back to school along with the Malfoys, and wants to know what’s going on down there.

Hubert Crockford indulges in some schadenfreude.

Priscilla Chattox-Kyteler is worried about her children, especially Hadrian. She’s been talking to Donal Macmillan, and she wishes she knew what Zachary Crabtree was trying to tell her--or if she could even be sure that was him.

Séverine Malfoy thinks she knows where she is. And that the best way to get back where they all belong is to hold tight to their human ties in their own world. If only she could be sure that the people she loves are still living.

Albrecht Grindelwald is feeling rather petulant and rather bored.

Nicodemo Zabini is deeply proud of his daughter.

Priscilla Chattox-Kyteler asks Edward Kyteler to clear her to talk to Donal Macmillan about a few things, and asks for his thoughts on the matter of their son.

Lilias Wilkes Taverner feels that Michael Charteris has done the right thing in letting Juliana Malfoy go, and hopes that things will improve for the girl.

Joachim Piccard is offered the job he wants, with assistance from an unexpected benefactor.

Michael Charteris is surprisingly concerned about Séverine Malfoy’s disappearance.

New Journals:

None this time.

Here's the list of who's where on Insane Journal.

Renamed Journals:

Mercutio Zabini's Insane Journal has been renamed "beroughwithlove".

New Graphics:

Sharolt Halász, Davy Longbottom and Alastor Moody all have new userpics.

Please be patient with us as many of the new journals are not yet set up and do not yet have proper layouts. I'm 2/3 way done with my own and then I'll be able to help other people. Once all the old journals are laid out at all, new layouts will again be noteworthy.

Under New Management:

fabulous_laurie, Laurence Foggington, is now being written by tcregan.

There are a lot of characters that are currently open. Check out the Adoptable Characters page for descriptions of the kinds of adoptions that are open and lists of characters available for each. If you are not sure, ask. :)

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