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lightning_war post recap: March 5-10, 2007

Game date and time: Wednesday afternoon and evening, 2 September 1942:

Francis Boot takes inventory of the new arrivals in Slytherin.

Estrid Farryll ponders issues of security; Lucius Malfoy introduces himself to her.

Nerissa Crabbe thinks living in the dungeons will be interesting; Patty Rosier is glad to see her there.

Dr Marek Červenka writes to his old colleagues, Dr David Locke and Dr Christina Howe, offering them work with the War Bureau.

Lavinia Scalara writes a letter of condolence to Endymion Dashwood.

Albus Dumbledore informs his younger brother Aberforth that his presence is expected straightaway at Hogwarts.

Alexandra Ducas finds herself unhappily reminded of the past in the midst of preparations for the Company's return.

Ileana Popescu is unable to trust Gabriel de Valois and Séverine de Malfois, but doesn't see a better option.

Drunken ramblings on the bathroom wall. (NSFW: there's no explicit content, but commenters did use large obnoxious fonts in combination with rude language, and have been asked not to do so again.)

Patty Rosier rather likes having the Ravenclaws around but could live without Letty Quirrell, and wishes her father, whoever he is, would acknowledge her and settle the question of her blood status once and for all.

The usual gossip about Ekaterin Dolohov and Melisande Merriweather is still in circulation.

Antonin Dolohov is unhappy to see that his disowned sister is back at school and happy. Allegra Crumb offers him comfort.

Ekaterin Dolohov dislikes having to give up one of two subjects she likes due to the vagaries of the NEWT timetables, and has a plan for Karkaroff's shoes.

Barty Crouch has a plan to get rid of graffiti. It hasn't worked yet.

Walden Macnair is disappointed.

Rajinder Patil and his sister Anjali have a difficult conversation about life in Britannia.

Ekaterin Dolohov wants to talk to Igor Karkaroff.

Jamie Macmillan writes letters to his cousin Bobby, his friend Arianwen Rosier and his sweetheart, Isabella Zabini.

Angelo Bruno starts planning the year with his friends, Rodrigo Gallinaro, Katya Dolohov, Melisande Merriweather and Ebenezer Quirke.

Elisa Miller loves the library.

Some excerpts from the first edition of the Daily Prophet to go to press after the War Bureau instituted censorship.

Ned Kyteler replies to Emily Chattox's letter.

Charis Malfoy explains things to Antares Black.

Ercole Zabini, his wife, Dracaena Malfoy, and his cousin Nicodemo have a talk before the Company returns. (EXPLICIT)

Jenica Popescu finds talking to her new roommates frustrating for reasons entirely unrelated to language difficulties.

Igor Karkaroff responds to Katya Dolohov's note.

New Journals:

angelo_pazzo Angelo Bruno (Gryffindor 1944) is the son of one of Ercole Zabini's lieutenants. He's a natural leader, and at Hogwarts he is best known for coming up with crazy schemes which he somehow manages to get his friends to participate in. Angelo's imagination almost made him a Ravenclaw, but his willingness to devote himself to causes and his daring make him a Gryffindor, for better or for worse. (PB: Gaspard Ulliel)

durmstrangsucks Ekaterin "Katya" Dolohov (Gryffindor 1944) was officially disinherited and disowned by her family due to her wild behaviour. She lives with her best friend Melisande Merriweather, who has her parents convinced that the two of them are sweet, innocent and trustworthy. Katya loves moonlit walks on the beach, the ballet, military exercises, wild parties and beating her brother senseless in the duelling ring. She does not care much for Quidditch. (PB: Asia Argento)

fatefindsyou Viresh Patil (Slytherin 1921) studied and worked as a researcher, teacher and healer for years in Europe and then returned to his native India, where he became interested in the data his father had collected relating to cases of small children with unusual kundalini energy flow, particularly those where a death occurred in the immediate family early in childhood and was followed by the development of unusual wandless magickal ability at puberty or in early adulthood. As a result of his research and travels the Axis has attempted to recruit him; shortly thereafter, he offered his consulting services to Lilias Taverner of the Department of Mysteries. (PB: Sendhil Ramamurthy)

lovetheskunk Melisande Merriweather (Gryffindor 1944), is a notorious party-girl whose parents believe she is innocent, sweet and trustworthy. She is the best friend of Ekaterin Dolohov, and convinced her parents to take Katya in when Katya was disowned. She has a skunk she keeps as a familiar. Her mother was one of the Hornbys. (PB: Laura Ramsey)

nike_cassiane Nike Atreides, one of Alexandra Ducas' nieces, has travelled extensively; she's been spending the last several years in wizarding Canada, and the family has lost track of her, but she has recently begun writing to her aunt Alexandra again. (PB: Melina Kankarides)

quirkybenito Ebenezer Quirke (Gryffindor 1944) is the younger brother of Caleb Quirke, and hopes no-one holds it against him. He's a star student in Beasts and Entities who is obsessed with magickal flora and fauna, their habitats and their numbers, the weirder and rarer the better. If Hagrid were smarter, he'd be Benito. (PB: Daniel Brocklebank)

quincunxgemini Fraternal twin sisters Josefa and Natalia Kreuz--beautiful, intelligent, blond, tough paragons of Aryan womanhood--were educated at Durmstrang. They were friendly with Stepán Zitek and Báthory Zsuzsanna during their student years; there were even rumours that Stepán and Natalia had a romance while Zsuzsanna was involved with his brother Vilém. Of course, all that changed when the war came to Durmstrang. (PBs: Adrianne Palicki and Ali Larter)

rodrigo_dolce Rodrigo Gallinaro (Gryffindor 1944) is the son of Ercole Zabini's company healer, Lindoria Gallinaro. By himself he's an even-tempered sort, careful and moderate in his actions. Too bad he's almost never by himself--he's always with his best friend, Angelo Bruno, or his secret fiancée, Katya Dolohov. (PB: Jérémie Renier)

timeshallsomend Fujiwara Kenjiro is the son of a witch from a long, long line of witches who have served the Japanese Emperors in secret, living not far from Ise Shrine. His mother, Fujiwara-no-Kiritsubo, leads the wizarding side of the Japanese war effort. She considers him rather feckless and has for the most part been disappointed in him; unlike his older sister, he's fanciful and quiet and given to living in a fantasy world. Kiritsubo uses Amaterasu's mirror, one of the three Imperial Treasures of Japan (the other two are a sword and a jewel), to look into hidden places in the past, present and future; but she has a blind spot, and her son has just discovered that he can look back at her out of it. (PB: Masi Oka)

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