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lightning_war post recap: December 23-31, 2006

Game date and time: Early Tuesday morning, 1 September 1942:

Brigid Lady Rochford is worried about sending her children back to Hogwarts when it's only a matter of time before magickal Ireland rebels, and is sad that her daughter thinks her work is boring.

Elisa Miller is excited about going to school.

Jael Moody writes a letter to Derek Greene, in which she commiserates with him about Susie, asks him if he can help distract his cousin Joshua from harassing Christina Howe, and inquires as to his knowledge of Septimus Snape.

Felicity Greengrass is unhappy about having to leave her work at the Ministry in order to finish school.

Frances Abbott hopes her boyfriend Johnny won't hate her, since she wasn't able to see him on her last night of freedom before going back to school.

Dolores Umbridge is looking forward to her last year at school.

Theo Abbott does not look forward to being stuck in the middle between the Malfoys and the Weasleys at school.

Endymion Dashwood doesn't want to leave the Kyteler household, nor particularly to face his enemies at school. Hadrian Kyteler loves him enough to hear all the things he won't say about that. (EXPLICIT)

Cariadoc Rosier wishes he could make things easier for his mistress, Mercy Weasley, and blames his wife for his daughter Arianwen's misbehaviour. He is worried about the romantic lives of both his daughter and his son, Evan, who has fallen in love with a boy.

Delilah Lockhart is very angry with her brother Damien, because she doesn't want to believe he's a traitor, but it looks like maybe he is.

Zitekné Zsuzsanna, Countess Báthory, takes the time to have a heart-to-heart discussion with her cousin and ward, Nadya Karkaroff, before school, and then they have their first family breakfast together with her husbands, Vilém and Stepán Zitek. Vilém appears to be in a bit of a dangerous mood.

Asher Greengrass looks forward to school but is worried how his mother will fare without him.

Martial Casaubon is pleased that his little sister Mercuria will be coming to school this year, but not so thrilled that they have to travel at least as far as King's Cross with Alec and Camille DeVries, to whom he is afraid they will soon be betrothed--when he knows that Alec hassles Mercuria and Camille has a crush on another boy.

Melina Ducas can't bear the thought of leaving her fiancé behind. Charis Malfoy suggests that perhaps she shouldn't have to.

Aleister Crowley sends Lucius Malfoy a ring that he promised to give him when he started school, which is a powerful tool used by those who practise Enochian magick, and, while not a unique magickal item of great power, is perhaps a bit much for an eleven-year-old to handle.

Celerity Warrington really does have migraines, and she's having one right now.

Lucius Malfoy is pleased to have got his ring, but doesn't especially want to leave home. He also thinks he needs to have a chat with Kat Weasley.

Othello Bagman finds an unwelcome surprise in the Bestiary.

Dracaena Malfoy invites Tom Riddle to visit her family over the winter holidays, and has a talk with her son about the ring Crowley sent him.

Lucius Malfoy is polite and always acknowledges presents.

Marco Zabini is rather pleased with Melina's decision; her grandmother Alexandra Ducas is less so.

Ned Kyteler and Marek Cervenka discuss recruitment for the wizarding atomics project. When they are interrupted by Jenica Popescu, Kyteler notes that she listens to Cervenka, and puts him in charge of her, too.

New Journals:

felisfelicious Felicity Greengrass (Slytherin 1943) is the daughter of Fenella Greengrass, younger sister of Maynard Lord Greengrass. This makes her the cousin of Alma and Asher Greengrass. Felicity is extremely ambitious and has been working with Ozzer Wilkes and Antonin Dolohov over the summer. She is generally pleasant but sarcastic when angry, and she makes no secret of her intention to rise to a position of power and make as much money as possible while doing so. If she marries, she will marry well. She is a plump, attractive girl who is very well-kept and has no intention of reducing. (PB: Sara Rue)

frostuponwindow Asher Greengrass (Ravenclaw 1949) is the youngest child of Adelina and Maynard Greengrass. He is a small, mischievous boy who loves artificery and still likes to play dress-up in his sister's things; he is also an albino. (PB: Thomas Sangster)

kyria_tzitzinia Andromeda Tzitzinia, a Pureblood noblewoman of Greek, Ethiopian and Alexandrian descent, was the first wife of the late Justinian Ducas (son of Alexandra Ducas) and is the mother of Melina Ducas (but not her sister Dimity). She is often the travelling companion of Alexandr Zitek and is the godmother of Jenica Popescu. (PB: Loretta Devine)

martialstar Martial Casaubon (Slytherin 1947) is the son and heir of Francis Lord Casaubon and Sophia Lovelace Casaubon. He is the older brother of Mercuria Casaubon, of whom he is very protective, and can be said to have something of an anger management problem, but he excels at every kind of military/defensive magick he learns. He encourages his sister's odd ideas and they have a very close relationship, sufficiently so to vex and worry their parents. (PB: River Phoenix)

our_man_flint Cadfal Flint (Slytherin 1908) is an Unspeakable and has been since leaving school. He worked for Dr Taverner in the Dept of Mysteries and is none too thrilled at having to answer to Kyteler. He never married, but his brother was the father of Amalthea and Cadfal Perseus Flint, and his sister is the mother of Nathaniel, Ianthe and Maeve Pritchard. (PB: Daniel Craig)

New Layouts and Userpics:

crabbywitch has a new PB, Charley Webb; luxserpentis has a new PB, Max Pirkis; namaste_anjali has a new PB, Jenna Coleman; rosierwantsyou has a new PB, Timothy Dalton. demonabaddon got a new layout courtesy of some screencaps from the spring SPN trailer.

Under New Management:

vulture_hat will now be written by mountainkiss.

More characters are still available here and there will be a new recruitment post in a few days as a few more of the older characters have become available.

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